16 December 2011 (Friday) - Snow...

I could not believe my eyes when I read the news this morning. Apparently experts have found that it is vital for the functioning of a true democracy that a sizeable proportion of the electorate should have no idea of what's going on.
It would seem that a sizeable proportion of people with no grasp of the issues of the day can have a steadying influence on those who actually know what's happening. After all, heaven forbid that democratic decisions should ever be made with any knowledge of the issues or reason being employed.
Mind you, does anyone truly understand what's going on in the world? I certainly don't.

And so to the doctor’s. My appointment was for 9.10am – I got in shortly after 9.30am. I didn’t complain – the place was busy, and enough other people were complaining already.
When I saw the hospital doctor about my sinusitis (two weeks ago) he said to see my G.P. in a week or so, and so I did. They said to keep taking the medicine. Whilst there we had a chat about my general health (I knew him when he was only a corporal!). My cholesterol isn’t *that* high according to today’s doc, and we’ve agreed to check it again in a few months. My blood pressure is also down – now at 120/80, which is the best it’s been since the early 1990s. We put the improvements down to the recent weight loss. So I suppose this diet is a good thing: even if I do feel hungry most of the time.

And then to work – through the snow. Only a few flurries, but I don’t like snow if I have to travel. I still have memories of a journey to Whitstable. We drove there in under an hour, the snow fell, and it took five hours to get home again. There was a dubious few minutes on the way as I saw the snow was laying on some of the fields, but fortunately the snow turned to rain. Let’s hope it stays as rain.

Meanwhile overnight the mad axe murderer’s car has transformed itself into a vehicle of the forces of law and order.
The mad axe murderer is rather dubious about driving round in a police car: it may be a tad conspicuous. As if being a mad axe murderer isn’t conspicuous enough already.

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  1. I was always told 120/80 was the perfect blood pressure for a healthy adult.