14 December 2011 (Wednesday) - Dull

Some days in my life are exciting and quite eventful. The news of the day might wind me up, or I might have had an encounter with a member of the Great Unwashed that made me chuckle. But today very little along those lines happened. Today was rather dull. Which was a shame.
But then, isn’t it a traditional Chinese curse that you would wish that your enemy lived in interesting times?

Meanwhile in another plane of reality a strange looking table has been found. It’s either got a magnifying glass or a saucepan on it. The assembled throng aren’t sure.
Mind you, when you consider that the assembled throng’s strong points are consumption of metal cleaners, homicide and an unholy fixation with aerials, perhaps it’s not surprising that they don’t have a clue what is going on.
(And in that respect they are in good company…)

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