12 December 2011 (Monday) - Kindle

I’ve been spending a little time lately filling up my Kindle. If you know where to look, there are loads of free books on the internet. And legally free too. I downloaded about thirty or so to be getting on with. I’ve been told that free books equate with books that publishers don’t want. I’ve also got first-hand experience of books that publishers don’t’ want. And just because a book is published (and costs a fortune) in no way makes it a good book.
The only trouble with the free books is that not all of them are in a format that goes well on the Kindle – whilst Kindles can read pdf files, they don’t actually look very good on the Kindle screen. Mobi is better. (There you are – you’ve learned something!)

And that’s the news for today – something of a dull one, as my days go…

Meanwhile the forces of law and order have had an extension done, and are having a cuppa to celebrate. Harry Ramp would like a cuppa too. We suspect that the forces of law and order do not drink the same metal cleaning products that Harry does, though…

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  1. Having said I would never get one, I spent my birthday money on an ereader, however rather than tying myself to Amazon's format I went for a Sony Reader that supports the epub format amongst others, which is the format our local library service uses for lending ebooks. As you say if you look there are thousands of book out there that are legally available for free. At the moment having listened of HP Lovecraft's 'At the Mountains of Madness' on Radio 4 Extra, I am working though his novels and short stories.