19 December 2011 (Monday) - Bit Nippy

It didn't feel too cold when I emerged from my pit at 5.45 am this morning. Mind you I thought the day wasn't getting off to a good start when the "Discovery Shed" wasn't showing fishing programmes at 6.30am. And then off to work. And that *was* cold. Once I'd got through the ice on my car and got into the thing I saw from the thermometer that the temperature was minus five. That's chilly.
Pausing only briefly to skid on the ice in Wincheap I got to work relatively uneventfully, and did my bit. Coming home was equally dull: there was a dubious few seconds when I found myself on course to be heading north up the M2, but that was nothing that a swift lane change couldn't put right. Mind you, since when has it been possible to head north up the M2 from Wincheap?

Once home tea got scoffed,and with "er indoors TM" gone bowling, I activated my laptop and transmitted to the world from the sofa whilst watching "Rock and Chips" on the telly. For so many years I've taken myself up to the back room and mucked about on a "proper" computer. I quite like sitting in front of the telly with my laptop. I just need to get used to the keyboard...

Meanwhile, whilst the forces of law and order muck about with blinged cars, our new protagonist has jemmied open the safe and is about to make off with his ill-gotten gains.
Or has put his tool to use, and is about to spend his wad; depending on your personal perpective...

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