27 December 2011 (Tuesday) - Telly Christmas

A rather restless night - up for the loo several times during the night. I blame yesterday's over-indulgence. We finally got up at 10am, and after a light breakfast we waved goodbye to those who'd stayed over for the night.
The original plan for the day had us going out and doing something, but unfortunately for reasons of economy that wasn't possible, so we stayed in.

So, after a flying visit from Fudge and his entourage, we had a catch-up session with what we'd missed seeing on the telly over the last few days: Sky-Plus is a wonderful thing.
First of all we watched "Charlie's Angels". An entertaining enough program which really would benefit from the addition of a plot. Today's show featured our heroines being locked up in a Cuban jail. And having been locked up for quite some time, our heroines all still had immaculate make-up.

Then we watched the Christmas "Doctor Who", which started off as an episode of "Things Exploding" and carried on in much the same vein until about twenty minutes after I'd (quite frankly) lost interest in the show. And just as the show started getting to be worth watching, it turned silly again. If I'd been watching it on my own, there's no denying I would have missed the best bits because I would have turned it off after the first fifteen minutes.
Much as I've always liked "Doctor Who", over the last few years the program seems to be becoming far more comic and slapstick that ever it used to be. The Doctor never used to be a comedian. In all honesty, these days I find myself watching the program out of a sense of feeling I ought to watch it rather than because I actually enjoy the show any more.

Over a lunch of cold meat, pickles and home-brewed stout we then watched the Christmas episode of "Downton Abbey". In retrospect I could have done with reading up on what had happened during the last season as there was a lot of continuity from the last episodes that I couldn't remember, but the program was well worth watching.
Even if the nobs did wind up laughing and the servants wound up in the chokey. But such is life.

A slice of "er indoors TM"s' home-made Christmas cake, and then we did some catching up with "Terra Nova": somehow we'd managed to get three episodes behind. I do like that series; and with believable characters you can forgive it the occasional plot hole. (Like meteors going upwards).
We've now seen all of season one of that show - I hope they make a second season - however it says on Wikipedia that no decision about a second season will be made just yet.

And being Tuesday the tribes gathered and we watched "A Christmas Carol": the Disney version from two years ago. Normally I'm not a fan of things Disney, but this film was quite enjoyable. For all that we don't have a single blu-ray disk, the blu-ray player comes in useful from time to time...

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