23 December 2011 (Friday) - More Star Trek

Much as I like my job, the shift pattern sometimes leaves something to be desired. On Wednesday I was on a late start: yesterday back on normal hours, and then another late today. On Wednesday I whinged about not being able to have a lie-in. Today was different, and I didn't get out of my pit until nearly ten o'clock.

A bit of brekkie, and off to work. Normally when I'm on the late shift the roads are relatively quiet as I leave Ashford. Today the roads were heaving: everyone was driving to town. Both in Ashford and in Canterbury. Presumably last minute shopping before the long Xmas weekend.

Work was dull: I could probably have come home three hours earlier than I did (for all that was going on). A shame it was pouring hard as I walked across the car park, but you can't have everything. And so home where, after a smashing bit of scoff, we watched "Star Trek - The Search for Spock". Or that is I watched Star Trek. "er indoors TM" wrapped Christmas pressies.

Meanwhile the forces of law and order have got a dog. Someone has given it a bone. The lucky thing.....

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