7 December 2011 (Wednesday) - Gas Bill

The other day I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling particularly Christmassy this year. I’m not alone in this – it would seem that members of the audience in a nativity play have come to blows.  I saw this sort of thing from time to time back when I was a cub leader – what on Earth possesses parents to resort to fisticuffs in front of their children?
And then just as I was checking my emails there was a commotion downstairs. Folkestonians had invaded. Apparently there was stuff to put on to a key drive. That was nice.

Following on from yesterday’s phone call to the leccie company, I eventually sorted out my log-in to find that there was no mention of my gas bill. Just the leccie. So I phoned them back to see what was going on. I knew it would be a mistake; but after forty minutes of waiting someone eventually answered my call, and explained to me what I could see on my screen. She said there was no mention of my gas bill because it wasn’t there (!)
The nice lady has offered to reverse my bill (!) and it should be sorted in the morning. Time will tell – it usually does.

Meanwhile in another plane of reality the Brasso has been removed from the Xmas tree and has been replaced by some nice presents. One wonders if this is because of Santa’s little helpers.
Mind you, there’s a skateboard laying around. And where there’s skateboards, there’s usually trouble…

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