10 December 2011 (Saturday) - Not Much, Really

I was really late to bed last night, but was woken by “My Boy TMquietly coming down the stairs at 6.20am this morning. He managed to come down the stairs “quietly” several times this morning, but I never once heard him going back up.
This morning was my weekly weigh in: I only lost one pound this week. A bit disheartening, but then I didn’t do much exercise last week, and I had rather epic pig-outs on Sunday and Thursday, so I shouldn’t really be surprised.

We then wandered up to the town for a mooch round the shops: we didn’t stay long. It wasn’t especially busy, but no one seemed to be capable of walking in a straight line. Everyone was meandering all over the place. My nerves couldn’t be doing with that, so we came home and watched the St. Trinians film. I then got my paints out and did a landscape. It didn’t’ turn out quite as I might have hoped, but then, paintings rarely ever do. And the photo certainly doesn’t do it justice. I need to figure out a way of getting decent photos of my paintings.

The original plan for the evening had us going to Folkestone to see the lunar eclipse. But it transpired that the eclipse wasn’t visible from the UK. And because we’d planned to see the eclipse, we’d not got tickets to the kite club party. So after a super bit of tea we went round to Chris’s for the Saturday night film-a-thon. Tonight we had a triple bill – the Madagascar Christmas special, Love Actually, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. All good films. And then we came home through the frost.

And talking of frost, it’s a cold day in lego-land too. When it’s cold, most people don’t go fishing, but mad axe murderers are made of sterner stuff. And they set light to lego to keep warm.
He’s managed to catch a fish. Which is more than some of our loyal readers ever do….

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