3 December 2011 (Saturday) - Harry Potter

Saturday is weekly weigh-in day. This week has not been especially different to any other week: I’ve not exercised any more than usual, I’ve not starved or binged. But for some reason I lost four pounds this week - it must be that I’m not very well at the moment.
With this four pounds shifted, I’ve now lost a total of three stone since I started dieting back in August. I suppose the on-going stress is probably the driving force behind the weight loss, and I only hope that the weight stays off. But there’s no denying that I have not been so thin for twenty years – my belt has now got to the stage that I need to make a hole in it as I’ve run out of holes on it. But realistically I’m still only half way along the weight loss journey.

We popped up to town for a bit of shopping this morning. The town wasn’t too busy, but I did get a little wound up by the people who seemed to be unable to walk in straight lines: so many people were aimlessly and randomly blundering here, there and thither. And then just stopping dead for no apparent reason.
There’s an art gallery which has opened up where GZ computers used to be. Their paintings aren’t cheap. Badger Original Landscapes can seriously undercut them.

I then slept in front of the telly for a while until Steve & Sarah came round. They had some money for the astro club, but it was good to catch up and chat for half an hour or so.

And then seeing how it’s Saturday night we popped round to Chris’ house for the Saturday night film-a-thon. Tonight we had a Harry Potter double bill – the last two films (Deathly Hallows Parts I and II). Much as I enjoyed them, they aren’t “good” films in that if you haven’t read the books you will have very little idea of what was going on. But it passed an enjoyable five hours.

Meanwhile, having heard reports of vagrancy, civil unrest and drinking sundry metal polishes for social reasons, the authorities have come to see what all the fuss is about.
Harry Ramp has run off. Mind you he’s left his Brasso, so I expect he’ll be back soon.
Meanwhile the officer of the law seems to have a strange fixation with his handcuffs. It might be innocent - we shall give him the benefit of the doubt (for the time being)…

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