15 December 2011 (Thursday) - Go Compare

Having a late start this morning gave me some time to fiddle about before work. Amongst my morning haul of emails was the news that I was being followed on Twitter. I have several followers on Twitter – I don’t know why as I rarely (if ever) tweet. Most followers I pick up these days seem to be porn-mongers. I did wonder if it was possible to remove them from my followers list – I thought that anyone who looks at my followers is probably going to get entirely the wrong idea about me. But when I looked at the list, I only see the non-porn-mongers. I wonder what’s going on there. (Not that I’m complaining)

The phone rang this morning. Someone who’s spoken English was rather poor immediately demanded that I turned on my computer and told him all the remote access passwords. Apparently my PC had a virus and had targeted his laptops. If this bloke could have access to my PC he could solve the problem. I asked him if he honestly thought that I would hand over access to any random stranger who phoned me. He said that most people did; which rather showed that he made a habit of this scam, and I hung up. I can’t help but feel that if this was a genuine call he would have phoned me back.

A couple of days ago I mentioned about my house contents and buildings insurance. Today I had a look on Go Compare – and managed to get a much cheaper quote. Had the building society not cancelled the policy without telling me I could have got it even cheaper. But such is life.
I suspect that everyone will now tell me that they could recommend a cheaper insurer. To those people I would say “please don’t”.

Meanwhile our friend the mad axe murderer has got a new car. I say “got a new car” – the new car was today’s offering from the advent calendar, and he’s taken it. After all, who’s going to argue with an axe murderer?

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