2 December 2011 (Friday) - Sinusitis

My sniffle’s now developed into full-blown sinusitis. I’ve had this before and it dragged on for months. So I made the most of one of the only advantages of working in a hospital by going to see the resident G.P. (hospitals have them now).
Before I could see the quack I had my blood pressure checked – 134 / 84. The last time I had this done it was 130 / 88. It would seem I’ve lowered my first number at the expense of the second number. I wonder what the numbers actually mean?
But I found this wonderful chart on the Internet which says my blood pressure is “high normal”. That’s good enough for me - I can live with “high normal”.

And then I got in to see the quack. He agreed that I have sinusistis, and prescribed doxycycline and beconase aqueous. Doxycycline is good stuff, and amongst other maladies, it can be used to treat Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I’m pretty sure I have sinusitis and not Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but I suspect that the quack isn’t taking any chances. Apparently the stuff (doxycycline, not Rocky Mountain spotted fever) will make me sensitive to sunlight, so it’s as well I’m having it in December.
The doc also said to give my snozz the steam treatment as well. My mother used to do steam treatments when she was congested. I’ve had a go, but I don’t think it achieved very much.

And despite dying to death of disease, I spent the evening doing the ironing and sorting out the smalls. These long winter evenings just fly by….

Meanwhile in another (possibly better) plane of reality, Harry Ramp has found a Brasso Shovel (patent pending).
There are those, admittedly those who don’t drink Brasso, who would think that the device is actually some kind of catapult for launching tins of Brasso. But, as Harry would ask, why on Earth would anyone get rid of Brasso.
The logic is inescapable….

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  1. Blood pressure numbers are measured in millimetres of mercury (pressure). The first number is the maximum (systolic) pressure, i.e. during a heart beat, the second is the minimum pressure (diastolic), i.e. between heart beats.

    Normal is 120/80

    When I had my heart scare back in 2008, mine dropped to 80/50 apparently... which explains why I passed out! :)