21 December 2011 (Wednesday) - Stuff

We had a late night last night, but being on a late start meant I could have a bit of a lie-in. Or so I thought. The dustmen were rather noisy with the bins this morning, and next door’s dogs sounded as though they were in full demolition mode as they crashed about.
A nuisance – I wasn’t feeling in tip-top condition and a lie-in would have done me some good.

Over brekkie I heard a noise at the door - a visit from the most recent fruit of my loin and Sid had come to visit too. That’s always good. I gave them instructions not to leave me a house full of washing up, and wasted the morning playing Mah-Jong before going to work.

Work was good - we had the Xmas buffet. In the past I've always taken crisps and peanuts: but at Canterbury people seem to make the food they bring in. I shall have to up my game plan for next time. We also had the "secret santa" draw. I got a decent haul of bottled ales. Very nice!

And then home to find the house empty and that washing up had been generated for me, but hadn't been done for me. So I left it in the sink and sulked. Either magical pixies will do it overnight, or I'll do it in the morning.

Yesterday the forces of villainy were contending with a snowmobile with a storage capacity that wasn’t up to transporting lots of ill-gotten gains. Today Harry Ramp would seem to have a trailer full of illicit Brasso that he is having difficulty in pushing.
Perhaps the two of them might come to some sort of arrangement? Or perhaps Harry Ramp might just end up having his trailer nicked?

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