22 December 2011 (Thursday) - More Stuff

Every year as we come into December the mornings are darker. It happens every year - but for some reason this year I'm finding it especially depressing. I really don't like leaving home in the dark. Coming home in the dark's not so bad, but leaving home in the dark is not good.
Thank heavens today is the shortest day, and so from here on in the days start getting longer again.

And so to work where I did my bit and came home again. I discovered a scar along the length of my forearm this evening - it's got quite a serious scab on it too. I wonder when that happened. And how.
And after a decent bit of tea which I had to cook for myself (home alone again...) I watched "The Wrath of Khan" on the Film4 channel. A classic film - is it really twenty nine years since that film was made?

I then mucked about with my laptop's settings. I'm hoping that the blog is a tad more readable today - for the last week I've been transmitting from my lap-top using Internet Explorer 9. But IE9 takes forever to boot up, and has issues in blog entry preparation, cutting and pasting. So I've downloaded FireFox as I've been running that on my desk top successfully for ages.
And as I mucked about I had a visit: "My Boy TM" and his good lady popped in to say hello. I quite like having visitors: I don't like being alone these days.

Meanwhile in another plane of reality, in a lame attempt to keep up with the opposition, the forces of law and order have obtained a snow-mobile. All they have to do now is find a rozzer who's able to drive the thing... or would rather drive it than drink tea or muck about with his thunderstick.

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