11 December 2011 (Sunday) - Cold

An odd day,really. We didn't get up especially early, and when we did, the day was spent pootling. After a bit of brekky I checked my emails. For some reason I seem to be getting a lot less spam than recently. I iwonder what that's all about? I then did another painting. I'd been given some ideas featuring Kentish scenes, and so I had a go.
I think that scenes featuring mountains and/or water probably come out better (for me), but I came up with a view from a wood looking across fields to a misty forest on the horizon. I'm not overly pleased with the result, but then I rarely ever am. I can't help but feel that there's not a lot going on in the painting. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Whilst I painted, ‘er indoors TM  made the Christmas cake. The smells were good. Something else which smelt good was my fried egg sandwich that I had for lunch. And after lunch we watched telly. It would have been good to have gone out and done something, but it was so cold. The thermometer in the living room said it was seventeen degrees: it felt more like minus ten million (!) So we stayed in and had a Star-Trek-a-thon. Four episodes of the Spoke and Jim show. Can't be bad(!)
Whilst the telly was on I got out the sewing box and effected repairs to the hole in my trousers, and then did something I've taken to doing lately - I mucked about on my laptop. For some reason I struggle to get on with the keyboard on my laptop; the keys are ever so slightly bigger than the keys on my desktop PC, and it seems to be taking a little while to get used to.

Meanwhile Harry Ramp has decided to squeal on the mad axe murderer. The mad axe murderer is feeling the cold, and is warming his axe on the fire. The forces of law and order are feeling the cold, and wish Harry Ramp would go away so they can close the door: it's letting the cold in.
The mad axe murderer wishes the forces off law and order would go away so he can show Harry Ramp that no one likes a squealer...

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