18 December 2011 (Sunday) - Dull Sunday

We had a late night last night – we didn’t get in till midnight and then spent a couple of hours watching telly and playing computer games. So I wasn’t very impressed to be woken by the phone ringing at silly o’clock this morning. And even less impressed to find that the caller not only hung up before I could get to the phone, and that they’d withheld their number.
And so having been dragged out of my pit, I was up and about. So I had brekky and started playing on-line scrabble. I say “on-line scrabble”: the game isn’t actually scrabble because (as I understand it) copyright laws prevent the use of the name. But the game is as close to scrabble as makes very little difference.

Normally I’d do something with a weekend day; but it was cold. So we sat in front of the telly and watched all sorts of programs that had been recorded onto the Sky Plus box whilst playing on-line scrabble and Mah-Jong. Rather a waste of a day, but when it’s cold it seems as good a way of wasting the day as any.
As the afternoon wore on, I had a video call from the Rear Admiral. It would seem that video calling now works. That’s nice.

Meanwhile, whilst the usual suspects muck about with the blinged car, a new protagonist arises. He has a crowbar, and from his demeanour he doesn’t look like he would be afraid to use it…

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