4 December 2011 (Sunday) - Family Bash

Yesterday I wittered on about this and that. And the blog entry got a comment from someone called Neal who tried to advertise animal bedding. Needless to say I didn’t publish the comment.

And with the Kent contingent of the family gathered together we set off to Hastings for the family Christmas party. My brother and Nicky always put on a good spread, and this year was no exception. Wonderful scoff, table tennis, darts, pool, skittles to play. Great fun. We had “pass the parcel” in which little Lacey wound up with far too many sweeties. And then Santa visited. And little Lacey was made up with it: Santa gave her a wave as he came in, and she thought that was because Santa remembered her from having seen her at the reindeer farm a couple of weeks ago.
All too soon it was time to come home again, and with the Folkestonians departed Folkestonewards and ‘er indoors TM gone bowling, I went home with  “My Boy TMfor a cup of coffee and to watch a bit of telly. But I didn’t stay long – all the driving (and still being somewhat under the weather) had worn me out. I was feeling shattered, and so another early night really wouldn’t hurt.

Meanwhile the forces of law and order have captured Harry Ramp and banged him in the slammer (oo-er!). The charge of his having an unholy fixation on metal cleaning products is unlikely to stick, though.

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