6 December 2011 (Tuesday) - Space

I had an email from the leccie company today. My statement was apparently available on-line. A shame that they had changed my password and not told me. So I tried to ring them. “Tried” being the operative phrase – the number took some finding. And once I found it I was on hold for over half an hour. I eventually got through to them, and found that I have to re-register everything with them. That’s a pain.

Today’s news is that the Kepler Space Telescope has discovered an Earth-like planet. It’s about six hundred light years away, and is probably double the size of the Earth, but from what information is available, this thing was discovered and confirmed about as quickly as it would have been possible to make such a discovery. The implication is therefore that there are a lot more of these planets waiting to be found.
And talking of other planets, tonight being Tuesday the tribes gathered and we started watching “Firefly” – I’ve not seen that for years.

Meanwhile the forces of law and order have got themselves an Xmas tree. How festive (!)
Mind you – do we see tins of Brasso laying round that tree…?

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