8 June 2022 (Wednesday) - Doing the Ironing

To those without dogs there is something romantic and adorable about the idea of having a loving dog devotedly sleeping at your feet all night long. In practice they stay at your feet for maybe ten minutes before stomping all over you, and then roughly trying to shove you out of the way (whilst grunting and grumbling) in an attempt to get the spot that they think you've just warmed up for them. Black dogs look alike in the dark so I couldn't tell them apart; I spent much of the night fighting with one, and (from what I could hear) “er indoors TM  spent much of the night fighting with the other.

And the grunting and grumbling made trying to get me to move was nothing to the growls of protest when I let the puppies up for the last hour at half past six this morning. The puppies were so pleased to see the big dogs. It wasn't reciprocated.


Leaving “er indoors TM refereeing the hounds I set off to work through a rather wet morning. I took my usual circuitous route via fifteen (frankly uninteresting) Munzee Points of Interest listening to the pundits on the radio as I went.

There was a lot of talk about tax cuts this morning. It was alleged that the Prime Minister bought a lot of votes in Monday's confidence vote with the promise of tax cuts, and now he is expected to deliver on those promises. Though I have no idea why anyone would believe anything he promised (see yesterday's rant).

There was also talk about the Pharmacists Defence Association which not only defends pharmacists in a legalistic way, but also physically. More and more pharmacists are getting attacked. Some for the drugs they've got in their stores, and some for the colour of their skin. This overt racism bothers me. Firstly because it is just nasty. And secondly because it is ultimately self-defeating. Go to any hospital, GP surgery or pharmacy. As I have said before (so many times) health care in the UK is utterly dependent on immigrant workers. When they all go home because they don't feel welcome in the UK (and a lot already have) who is going to fill the vacancies? The UK nationals demonstrably won't.


I got to work through some rather heavy traffic; why were there so many cars and lorries out today? Work was work. I had a marginally better day than yesterday, but (as I've mentioned before) much as I do like my job, more and more I'm feeling it is getting in the way of what I'd rather be doing. On reflection I don't really know what I would rather be doing, but I would rather be doing something else.


With work worked I came home. The traffic was just as bad this evening as it was this morning; I took twenty minutes to get out of the hospital’s car park.

“er indoors TM boiled up a good bit of dinner then Zoom-ed at her chums for the evening. I got the ironing board out and watched episodes of “Orange is the New Black” as I sorted the laundry.

I hope those dogs sleep quietly tonight… I’m knackered…

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