18 June 2022 (Saturday) - Tony Gallardo Park

I slept marginally better last night; but it has to be said that my mattress is not quite as soft as a rock.

I did chuckle as I got up; there was a sign on the balcony door asking people not to hang wet towels over the balcony. This was (apparently) for “urbanistic” reasons.


We had a cooked brekkie and I had muesli as well, and seeing there were some clouds we thought maybe a walk might work well today. One of the geo-puzzles I’d solved before going on holiday had a final location less than half a mile down the road near “Tony Gallardo Park” which turned out to be a rather good place to visit. Huge palm trees, loads of birds to see, frogs in the streams, and (for the eagle-eyed) loads of lizards too.

It only took half an hour to see the park, but it was half an hour well spent. It was well worth the visit.

We Munzee-ed all the way back to the hotel.


After a light lunch of far too many doughnuts we settled by the pool and I spent the afternoon utterly failing to solve crossword puzzles; the answer to one of the clues was *not* “Fred the Cook” as “er indoors TM would have had me believe.

I went to the (free) bar where I watched the barman preparing a strange-looking drink. Brown sugar, ice, mint leaves, slices of lemon, a dash of rum, and topped up with lemonade. I said I’d try one… How could I have got to nearly sixty and never had a mojito before? I developed rather a taste for them…


 Dinner was particularly good, and having struggled with the travel chess set yesterday, we found the hotel’s outdoor chess set, and spent a couple of hours in which prawns went all the way, turned into queens, and then went any way they liked (!)

We then went to see what the evening’ entertainment was. At first sight it appeared to be a frankly awful noise. And then we realised that the evening’s entertainment was competing with the carnival outside the hotel’s gate.

We went out to see the local carnival in full flow with floats as far as the eye could see. Each one elaborately decorated and surrounded by all sorts of equally elaborately decorated people. Sadly each float was playing its own choice of music (far too loudly), and strangely none of them were moving. In my experience the audience stands still and the carnival procession comes past. In Gran Canaria the carnival procession forms up and the audience walks along and visits each float. “er indoors TM and Cheryl went off along the procession which (we were told) had over five hundred floats to see, Together with “My Boy TM” I had another drink.

I took a few photos today as well…

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