28 June 2022 (Tuesday) - Birdsong

After my usual early morning routine I set off west-wards to work. The boss had asked me to work at Pembury today, and the drive there can be rather pretty as I go through the -hursts and the -dens.  As I drove today, I took the opportunity to stop off in Sissinghurst to get a couple of bottles of obscure beers for our next weekend walk.

While I drove I listened to the pundits on the radio spouting their usual brand of drivel about the news of the day. Nothing was anywhere near as much of a waste of air-time at the utter tripe that was spouted on the "Thought For The Day" bit. Sometimes  "Thought For The Day" can be inspiring, sometimes thought-provoking... today's was utter gibberish with various non-sequitur platitudes making no sense whatsoever.


I got to work and it was there that I peered into the depths of the internet. Sussex Wildlife Trust had suggested I sign up for their on-line course in which I can learn to recognise birdsongs. Bearing in mind I am very quick to identify the song of a skylark when I hear it, I have no idea why I think that sound is actually a skylark, and not a sparrow or an eagle,

I thought I might learn something. Today's lesson was "Chaffinch"; a particularly noisy little sod.


At tea break I had a message. I saw a geocache had gone live - it was that one I chased out for on the morning of 7th May and having found it, the thing was withdrawn as the geo-feds suddenly wanted landowner permission which hadn't been required for the last geocache which had been not ten yards from this one.

Having nearly killed myself (and the bigger dogs) going up and down Wye Downs I'm claiming the First to Find... after all I found the thing in good faith, albeit a few weeks ago...


And I had an email or two from Credit Karma.  A little while ago I signed up with them… Having done so I must admit I have serious reservations about the country’s entire financial system.

Apparently over the last six months I’ve reduced my outstanding credit card balance. An odd observation for them to make as they also pointed out that I have paid off my credit card bill in full every month for the entire thirty-plus years that I’ve had a credit card. They seemed to think that having recently paid off my mortgage was a bad thing (why?), and despite having an “excellent” credit rating, that rating has dropped by twenty points since March although absolutely nothing in my personal circumstances has changed in that time.

And my back is still giving me grief…

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