25 June 2022 (Saturday) - This n That

I slept like a log for nine hours. Having only one big dog on the bed certainly helped. For now the puppies are spending the night in their puppy crate, and they seem happy with the arrangement. They were pleased to see me when I came down though, and I must admit to having rather missed walking round the garden behind them every morning making sure we tiddle and clearing away the poop.


“er indoors TM fed the dogs; the babies ate their brekkie; Treacle ate most of hers then sat and guarded the remains from two puppies who weren’t interested in it in the slightest.

I scoffed my toast and did my usual thing of peering into the Internet. Facebook hasn’t changed in the last week or so. A pub in Icklesham was advertising in the Tenterden selling pages. Why? The two places are miles apart, and there’s no easy journey. Arguments abounded over the price of Lego. The same half-dozen memes filled the fishing pages. A different half-dozen memes filled the dog pages and the Sparks pages and the geocaching pages. People were twisting all sorts of petty triviality to suit their own political agendas…

I sighed.


Once I’d got the washing pegged out we settled the dogs and pausing only briefly for geocachical reasons we drove down to Hastings to visit mother in law who was having a birthday today. She seemed well, and as “er indoors TM and her chatted so I slept for an hour.

From there we popped in to see my dad. He seemed well.


We came home. “er indoors TM went shopping. I took the dogs to the vets. Having been utterly unable to find the monthly flea treatments I shelled out twenty quid on getting an extra dose for Morgan and Bailey. The dogs then charged round the garden whilst I repaired the door of the little micro-shed that sits by the pond and contains the electricals. It was fine before we went away on holiday but was in a bit of a state today. Perhaps it suffered collateral damage in last week’s battle between Morgan and the sea gull?

“er indoors TM then returned, and as she put the shopping away so she discovered the flea treatments for which we’d wasted an hour searching for earlier. Oh, how we laughed (!)


With the temperature cooling we took the dogs to Orlestone. The journey was easier than some have been – without Pogo along we didn’t have to bark loudly at every other dog we saw.

We got to the woods and did our usual circuit. The dogs enjoy the woods; Bailey isn’t quite so clingy as she used to be and ran with Bailey and Treacle quite a bit. There are those who don’t like seeing dogs running off the lead; fortunately those people rarely go to Orlestone woods…

“er indoors TM boiled up a very good bit of scran, and with it devoured I then had a look at the monthly accounts… bearing in mind I’ve just had a week away they aren’t too shabby really. I could do with a lot more money, but couldn’t everyone?

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