19 June 2022 (Sunday) - A Lazy Day

I had something of a lighter breakfast this morning… but that wasn’t saying much really. With an “all inclusive” holiday you can eat “seriously far too much” but still have eaten lighter than you have been eating. As Albert once said, everything’s relative.


There had been various suggestions for what where we might go today, but today was Sunday, and it would seem that Gran Canaria pretty much shuts up shop on a Sunday so we had a lazy day. Having got rather fed up with the unruly brats who seemed to be plaguing the place we discovered the Over-18s pool, and it was a rather tranquil oasis of peace in what could at times be screaming bedlam (depending on which spoilt brat had just had its current whim thwarted).

We sat at the pool and as others swam and chatted with the normal people I sat and alternately fiddled with my puzzle book and dozed.


As the day’s heat eventually subsided we went for a little walk. Just outside the hotel running round half its perimeter is a dry canal. Supposedly drainage channels we got chatting with some locals who said they’d only ever once seen water in them, and that was when planes stopped flying during the COVID lockdowns.

We wandered up the canal, crossed over (for geocachical reasons!) then wandered the streets admiring the palm trees and cactuses. They were rather impressive.

We found a shopping centre… a rather strange shopping centre. If you could imagine a shopping centre in a post-apocalyptic world in which much of the building had collapsed, many of the shops were derelict, but one or two places still bartered with survivors, then you’ll have a fair idea of what “hyper-dino” was like.

For some reason most of the customers in “hyper-dino” were in pairs, and were each wearing one of the other’s shoes. I did wonder why, but didn’t like to ask…


For some reason no one else seemed to like the choices of dinner this evening… I wasn’t complaining though. Mine was fine… and I scoffed far too much of it.

We played more outdoor chess, we played cards… and we had a relatively early night. A lazy day had been a rather tiring day… But I still found things to photograph

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