4 June 2022 (Saturday) - Family Crazy Golf Day

During the small hours as I scoffed a sandwich I finished the e-book I was reading on my Kindle app, and thought I'd get a new one. But disaster struck. The app won't allow me to buy books any more. Why not?

A moment on Google gave me the answer. Google want a fifteen per cent cut of anything I buy through the app. Now I have to fart about on a PC ordering books and then download them on the app, which totally defeats the object of having a Kindle app in the first place.  Bearing in mind the average e-book I buy costs about two quid, I'd rather just pay thirty pence extra and be done with it.

I wonder if the same applies to anything I buy through the Munzee app?

As dawn broke (just after four o’clock) I looked out the window at a very murky morning. As I drove home the weather forecast said the best of the weather was up north, and if you were in Sussex today, forget it (they actually said “forget it”) with rain and storms supposedly coming.
I came home, and as “er indoors TM took a circuitous route to today’s planned excitement collecting “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” and  Stormageddon – Bringer of Destruction TM on her way. With a bit of time I had an hour’s shut-eye on the sofa. I woke to find I was using Treacle as a pillow, with Pogo on my chest, Bailey asleep on my stomach, and Morgan very comfortable on my legs.

I managed to extricate myself, and leaving the dogs fast asleep went outside and was soon collected by “My Boy TM” who drove us down to Hastings sea front.

Having decided to ignore the weather forecast we soon met up with the rest of the tribe, and once we’d had an ice-cream (yum) it was on to the Crazy Golf. This is now an annual event in our lives – we missed last year’s one as that was the day that poor Sid died. But this year was a much more cheerful event. Equipped with golf bats we had a rather good time… even if “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” did have to go knee-deep into the water features to retrieve my ball.

Stormageddon – Bringer of Destruction TM  got a hole in one, and right at the end there was a one-off chance to win a free round of crazy golf. I won one, as did Cheryl.


Being at the seaside we had chips… and more ice cream. I took a few photos as we’d gone round. Once home I posted them to the internet and desperately tried not to fall asleep. I’m glad I didn’t use last night’s night shift as an excuse to duck out of today; it was a rather good day. And the weather forecast had been utterly wrong.

But I’m feeling tired now…

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