7 June 2022 (Tuesday) - Little Bit of Politics (sorry!)

Well, the votes have been counted. Whilst it is hardly a resounding success, the Prime Minister lives to tell another lie... Two hundred and eleven Conservative MPs voted to say they had confidence in Boris Johnson, and so they have no problem with his track record....

Personally I have a problem with his track record. He's not averse to telling a porky, is he?

There's a complete list of his lies here (and there's a lot) but to give a brief summary

  • He was sacked by The Times newspaper when working as a journalist he just made stuff up.
  • He was sacked as Conservative party vice-chairman and shadow arts minister in November 2004 after assuring Michael Howard (the then party leader) that tabloid reports of his affair with Spectator columnist Petronella Wyatt were false and an “inverted pyramid of piffle”, but when the story was found to be true, he refused to resign.
  • Despite having been very pro-Europe he led the "leave" campaign in the Brexit debacle in which he claimed Brexit would benefit the NHS to the tune of three hundred and fifty thousand quid a week (which it didn't).
  • In 2019, he was accused of lying to the Queen over the advice he gave her on suspending parliament for five weeks; a suspension which eventually turned out to be illegal.
  • He pledged to build forty hospitals (by 2030) many times during the 2019 election campaign. He's only arranged to have four built, seeming to think a refurbishment and a lick of paint is the same as a re-build.
  • He claimed all the piss-ups in Downing Street during lockdown were work-related meetings even though the cleaners washed wine off of the walls and cleared up pools of vomit.


I find myself asking if the MPs who voted in his favour really do have confidence in him, or if they think he is as guilty as a puppy sitting by a pile of poo still see him being better than any possible successor.

Either possibility is a sad state of affairs..

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