11 June 2022 (Saturday) - Bit Busy

I slept like a log last night and woke after a good eight hours sleep. I came down and took the puppies round the garden where they did what was expected of them, then Bailey came in and threw up on the carpet. For those of my loyal readers who might be considering getting more dogs than sense I’ll make the observation that clearing dog sick is a two-person job. One to clear the sick, and one to stop the other dogs from eating it. Dogs are foul creatures.


As I scoffed my toast I peered into the internet. For the last two weeks I’ve been struggling with puzzles in the location of where we are going on holiday in a week or so (flight cancellations permitting) and last night I sent out six messages to hiders of Tupperware in the area asking for pointers on the puzzles they have set. Only one had the good grace to reply.

I managed to solve a puzzle that went live near where today’s geo-meet was taking place though. Mind you I wish that geocaching HQ would announce the immediate shutting down of all geocaching puzzles. Most are fun brain teasers, but more and more are strange obscure things intended to show just how clever (or twisted) the one setting the puzzle is.

For example… You read the description of a puzzle and it talks about “going for a long walk at Christmas and – bingo – you’ve found  what you are looking for”. So you  think for a bit… bingo? Walk? You walk with your legs…  Bingo? Legs eleven? Christmas? – Eleven Lords a Leaping maybe. Lords…? House of Lords maybe? House… houses? There’s four houses in Harry Potter… and so the puzzle is all about wand lengths.

Am I being sarcastic? This really is the logic employed in some of these puzzles. I hate the things with a passion. The hobby is supposed to be a treasure hunt. I’ve now set three puzzles along these lines to prove this very point. They are very rarely (if ever) found.


We got the dogs organised and set off to… Quite frankly I’m a tad vague as to where it was we set off to. Today was the monthly meet-up of Kent geocachers and we had GPS co-ordinates for somewhere on the far side of Canterbury. Munzing as we went we  soon found where we were supposed to be. The monthly geo-meet-up is rarely that far east and perhaps that was why we had such a relatively low turn out. But for all that we only had maybe twenty-five people along, we had an excellent meet-up. I’ve not played Bat and Trap for years… it was a shame that we lost.

It was also a shame that we had a minor set-to with the normal people at the end of the event. The puppies went up to see their dog which wasn’t as friendly to the puppies as it might have been. And sadly any dog upsetting the puppies will find itself contending with Pogo. And finding itself contending with Pogo, the dog of the normal people ran in terror (as well it might). It was a shame that the normal people didn’t quite understand what was going on, but normal people rarely do.


I slept most of the way home, and once home we had a quick wash and brush up,  The dogs scoffed their dinner and were soon snoring after the exertions of the day, and with them settled we set off to Mersham where there was a wedding reception.

Chris has been best of friends with “My Boy TM” for as long as I can remember, and he was one of my cub scouts too (twenty-five years ago). It was so good to be able to be a part of the wedding celebration this evening together with family and friends in a rather posh country hotel.

Mind you they weren’t giving it away. Call me an old cheapskate if you will, but having bought a Bacardi and coke, two bottles of cider and three bottles of ale I rather expected change out of fifty quid…

Fifty quid didn’t come close.

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