1 May 2022 (Sunday) - Out With The Old

I would have thought that a night shift and a bottle of hock would have meant for a good night’s sleep last night. Sadly they didn’t. I woke just after three o’clock and lay awake for hours, finally nodding off just before the alarm told me “get your arse out of its pit” (it quite literally says that!)

I got my arse out of its pit, came downstairs and spent an entertaining five minutes following the puppies round the garden with a trowel. You need the trowel to gather turds right away before Bailey eats them. It is a shame that unlike Pogo who does one epic dump, the puppies do *lots* of really little poops which they scatter all over the place.

I mention this is case any of my loyal readers are considering following in my footsteps and getting a puppy; I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking it is all lovey-dovey and one big happy adventure.


Morgan and Bailey ate the bathroom rug whilst I had a shave. Being the first of the month I got out a new razor blade and sliced myself quite impressively with it.

It was at this point that “er indoors TM got her arse out of its pit and at which I immediately resumed my role as “second favourite human”; none of the dogs make any secret about who is their favourite.

I made some toast (whilst I still could), scoffed it then set off Folkestone-wards. Pausing only briefly (for geocachical reasons) in Sellinge I collected “Daddy’s Little Angel TM”, Big Jake and Darcie WaaWaa and fetched them all home.


My Boy TM” and Cheryl were waiting for us with “er indoors TM. The idea was for all of us to spend the weekend stripping out the new kitchen in readiness for the new one’s arrival later in the week. But with a little judicious hammer-work and power-screwdrivering we had the job all done in just over two hours. Mind you when I say “we had the job all done in just over two hours” I think it fair to say that all I did was carry wreckage outside.

After a few minutes were spent tidying up I popped up to the KFC to get us all lunch which we scoffed on the garden table for the simple reason that there was nowhere else to scoff it; everywhere else was loaded up with clutter from the kitchen.


The plan had been to spend the afternoon continuing to disassemble the kitchen but having finished far earlier than anticipated we collected Ro-Ro and all went for a little walk round the Warren. I don’t go there for a walk very often as there are quite a few hills there, but it isn’t a bad place to go.

We had a good walk; it was good having the family wolf-pack back up to full strength. But I did puff a little going up and down the hills.

It was rather good getting the tribe together today. We really should do it more often…


And now we’ve got a rather trying week or so coming up. The living room is packed to overflowing with that which has come out of the kitchen. The kitchen has a cooker and sink. The microwave is perched on top of the fridge, and the only work surface is the top of the washing machine. The sooner the new kitchen gets installed the better…

I’m expecting the worst, but hoping for the best…

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