7 May 2022 (Saturday) - Before Another Late Shift

I chivvied the puppies round the garden as I do most mornings where both did that which was expected of them. With no chance of brekkie this morning and rain forecast I took Treacle and Pogo out. I’d had reports of a missing geocache in Kings Wood. I’ve had reports of missing geocaches of mine all over the place, but Hemsted woods is too far away, and “Out in the Sticks” now has signs about keeping dogs on leads because of copious amounts of rat poison about.

We were minutes from the lower car park at Kings Wood when my watch rattled. A new Adventure Lab cache series had gone live not two miles down the road from where we were.

So I changed plans in the hope that I might get FTF on some lab caches.


We followed the sat nav to the Devil’s Kneading Trough. Have you ever been there? It is at the very top of the North Downs. We walked across a field to our first location where we had to answer a question about a mill stone. Then we went all the way down to the bottom of the downs for our next port of call. Then all the way up again. And all the way down again. We even managed to take a few photos and screen shots.

With five questions answered we had the information to find a physical geocache which was (you guessed it) back up again. First to Find on five Adventure Lab caches and one physical cache. There was a minor issue in that I couldn’t see the physical one on the geo-map to do the admin. I messaged the chap who had set it all up only to be told that the geo-feds had given the location of the physical cache the thumbs down… even though there have been geocaches within spitting distance of that place before.

If I had to describe the way geocaching is run using only one word, that word would be “inconsistent”.


We came home where we washed the fox poo off of Treacle (she learned how to roll in the stuff from Fudge), and had a cuppa (as we can get to the kettle).

“er indoors TM  set off shopping, and I sat with four sleeping dogs for as long as I could before settling them and setting off to Kingswood (the one near Maidstone). The plan for tomorrow involves hunting out Tupperware secreted in the area, and the location of one of them involves a two stage puzzle. The first part uses "What Three Words" to take you to a point outside a post office, and the second part of the puzzle is based on the notice board there (which you can't see from Google Street View). I counted the letters on the header board, I counted the legs and the keyholes... and then spent fifteen minutes getting progressively more and frustrated because when I subtracted one from five I didn't get four. Have I ever mentioned that I really do have a degree in mathematics?

Having eventually got a green light from the checker I shared the location with those who needed to know it, then set off to work. I had a quick bit of macaroni cheese, the cracked on with the late shift whilst I sulked.


Working at the weekends means I get time off during the week. But it means I can miss out too. There was a big meeting of hunters of Tupperware at the crazy golf in Hastings today which I missed.

Daddy’s Little Angel TM” was staging a big family get-together this afternoon featuring four generations of family which I also missed.

Instead I sulked as I worked. Today’s late shift was rather arduous. As was yesterday’s… Can’t say I’m keen on this.

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