25 May 2022 (Wednesday) - New Kitchen

In the past I used to be very disparaging about the old toaster which although was (supposedly) a work of art, was unable to do more than slightly warm the bread. As part of our all-new kitchen we have a new toaster. This one (like Moxey from “Auf Wiedershen Pet”) has convictions for arson. Not only was the toast it created burned to a crisp, the thing also emitted a smell of burning plastic from where I think it tried to incinerate itself along with the toast.

But having toast was something of a novelty this morning. I spread the last of the jam on it, and once the puppies settled I  watched half an episode of “Orange is the New Black”. As the show goes on there is a lot less being flopped out, which is a result for puritans everywhere.

I then loaded the new dishwasher, set it going (which took some doing) and leaving the puppies with “er indoors TM I set off.


Firstly to the bin up the road to dispose of a dead koi; the fish which jumped out of the pond last week jumped out again yesterday, and this time didn’t survive. I’m reliably informed it might have done had the puppies not thought it was some sort of toy.

As I drove to work there was an interview on the radio with the head honcho of Severn Trent Water who have just paid their shareholders a rather good dividend. The pundits on that radio were giving her a hard time because the company is a profit-making company and not a charitable organisation, and they seemed to gloss over the fact that Severn Trent are doing their best to help those in need. Instead they made great show of how this head honcho gets paid over two million quid a year; thirteen times what the Prime Minister gets.

And if I was in any doubt about my career choice there was then an interview with one of the leading lights in the railway workers’ union. When challenged about why the average railway worker ears fifteen thousand pounds a year more than the average hospital worker, he became rather reticent.


Work was rather hard work today. Perhaps I was still tired from Sunday’s night shift. Perhaps I was thinking I should work on the railways or the water board. But I wasn’t feeling it at all today and was rather glad when home time came. As I have said many times before I don’t dislike my job, but if I had my time again, knowing what I know now I would work for a profit, and would work somewhere that periodically puts up a “closed” sign.


I came home to find the first fruit of my loin and Cheryl visiting. They seemed rather impressed with the new kitchen (and with the puppies too).

Am I impressed with the new kitchen?

I suppose it looks nice, but it wasn’t cheap, and took (seemingly) ages. I expect I’ll get used to it… but I don’t do change very well.


Some bloke’s just banged on the front door – can he have the old kitchen door I was planning to take to the tip  tomorrow?

And Morgan has just crapped on the carpet.

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