12 May 2022 (Thursday) - "The Dog Ate It"

After Treacle's many attempts to push me off the bed I shoved her back two feet, and then slept rather well after that. Getting up rather later than usual I found the puppies wide awake so took them out into the garden where they embarked on a pitched battle with each other (as puppies do); showing no interest in doing that for which we'd actually gone outside. Eventually Bailey "did" something, but with Morgan still “fully loaded” I wasn't letting them loose in the house. I took them both into the bathroom with me where Morgan ate my pyjama top whilst I shaved. Fudge once ate his coat and his bed, so there is a precedent for Jackshunds eating that which they shouldn't.

I then struggled to brush my teeth as my electric toothbrush had gone flat, and I was unable to charge it as Morgan had also eaten the charger.


Being unable to locate the kettle or toaster (it's a "having no kitchen" thing) I thought I might have brekkie at work.

As I drove up a very busy motorway the pundits on the radio were talking about how Finland is applying for membership of N.A.T.O. A year or so the overwhelming majority of Finns didn't want anything to do with N.A.T.O. Now they've seen what has happened to Ukraine, they can't join quick enough. Funny that...

There was also talk about the ongoing crisis facing the NHS – the delays in getting hold of an ambulance. I don’t want to rant too much, but let’s just say that as a country we are in a sad state when the mother of a one-month-old fitting baby is told it would be quicker to get from Folkestone town centre to the William Harvey Hospital by public transport than by emergency ambulance (not that this actually happened this week !)


I got to work and got a croissant from the works branch of Marks & Spencer which I had with a cup of coffee for my breakfast. As I scoffed I saw I had emails. Yesterday when I took the dogs up to Kings Wood I'd hidden a couple of geocaches (I'm going to concentrate my geo-efforts up there from now on!). This morning the geo-Feds had given me the thumbs-up. Both of my new hides had been accepted, and I even got a souvenir for hiding them... which is more than the previous four hundred and ninety-odd had got.

I also saw I had an email from Credit Karma who told me my score had dropped by three points in the last month. They didn't tell me why, though I suspect squandering far too much money on two small dogs probably didn't help it.


I made noises about getting with work... and after five minutes the boss came up to me. Apparently several people had phoned in sick. I looked around; we seemed to have a full house. But the sickness  was in Tunbridge Wells... Picking up my lunch I wandered out to the car park and had a leisurely drive along the A26.

I finally made a start a couple of hours later than I might have done, and had a rather better day than some I've had recently. As I said to anyone who would listen, I didn't mind going to Pembury; it was a day out, wasn't it?


However being at Pembury meant I was half an hour later home than I might have been. I came home to a locked house; “er indoors TM had taken the wolf pack out with her to do some geo-maintenance.

I had a little look at what was once a kitchen (and will be again). We’ve now got a sink and what looks like a plumbed-in washing machine. The kettle and toaster are set up on a cardboard box. However the microwave seems to have disappeared. I wonder where that has gone. I expect it will turn up; most everything else has vanished and come back again over the last week or so – the kettle and toaster are particularly good at that.

I made the most of the peace and quiet, and wondered when the dogs and “er indoors TM would be home and what dinner they would bring with them. Other than toast we can’t cook much at home…

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