9 May 2022 (Monday) - This n That

I woke feeling rather knackered, but I did wake probably earlier than I would have liked (as I so often do). Taking care not to wake the puppies I crept downstairs, had a shave, *then* woke the puppies. Bailey was keen to see me; Morgan looked as knackered as I felt. I carried them outside where they did their things (as puppies do), then settled them, got dressed and set off on a little Munzee mission before work.

I've found two spots in town where I can park and between the two places I can get eight Points of (rather dull) Interest Munzees. From there I set off up the motorway and diverted off at Junction six for four more of the things. As I drove the talk on the radio was of little else but the ongoing situation in Ukraine. But there was a little else. There was talk of Sir Kier Starmer who (like the Prime Minister) is accused of breaking lockdown rules. Did he? I don't know. But as it was mentioned this morning, no politician can ever get on with anything all the time there is scandal hanging over their head.


There was also an interview with one of the head honchos of one of the country's biggest power companies (was it Scottish Power?) who warned of the country's gas and leccie bills going up another thousand quid per year before too much longer. The chap had a point though. The government decided to sell off the country's power supply and make it a profit-making industry many years ago. (It's called "capitalism", isn't it?) But then the government put a cap on how much these companies can charge their customers. And so the power companies are now in the daft position that they have to run at a loss. How can it be right that they buy something for a quid but are legally not allowed to sell it on for more than ninety pence? How can that possibly work?  The obvious answer is for the company not having to find profit for all its shareholders... or am I just an idealistic old leftie?


I got to work where I realised I'd left home without having had any brekkie. Woops. Fortunately the works branch of M&S does croissants. The works canteen where I used to work thirty years ago did croissants too. I could get two croissants and a cup of coffee there for thirty pence. Today one croissant alone costs me a quid. There's inflation for you... Or capitalism.


Work was… frankly too much like hard work for my liking today. I was pleased when it was time to go home. I came home and took the bigger dogs to the woods where we had a good walk and managed to avoid most of the normal people. Treacle waded through some mud, but only ankle-deep. It soon washed off once we got home.


Once home I fed the dogs whilst “er indoors TMwent bowling, and then set the washing machine scrubbing my smalls. The thing worked intermittently – I eventually found the problem was that the switch of the power socket was on the iffy side. Hopefully that switch will be replaced along with the rest of the old stuff in the kitchen…

I’d better check that it is on the list…


If only the puppies would calm down. Pogo and Treacle are hiding from them; the evening has been like living with a pair of whirlwinds…


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