5 July 2021 (Monday) - George Cross? Me - I'm Furious!!

I didn’t sleep well, seeing every hour of the night. Eventually I gave up trying to sleep and made some toast. Just as I sat down in front of the telly so my phone beeped. I apparently had a voice mail, and if I could just log into some very dodgy website… It did seem odd that the scammers would be trying it on at five o’clock though.

I watched another episode of “Fresh Meat”, then peered into the Internet. I did chuckle when I saw a "suggested for you" item on Facebook - it was something from a movie-related Facebook site featuring an interview with Roger Moore. Mr Moore said he stopped doing James Bond films when he was about my age because he thought it was rather disgusting seeing someone nearly sixty attempting to do the dirty deed with girls young enough to be his grand-daughter. I'd thought exactly the same when watching this morning's episode of "Fresh Meat" in which one of our heroines was porking her university tutor; a chap old enough to know better.

There wasalso quite the argument kicking off on the Goodies Facebook page in which Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and the late Tim Brooke-Taylor were being accused of racism, sexism and pretty much every -ism imaginable. Amazingly the chap who’d taken offence at The Goodies responded to everyone defending them with the reply “eat shit, man”, and (amazingly) there were some people taking his side. If people don’t find the Goodies funny, then what *do* they find funny? Or is the entire concept of humour offensive to the woke mindset?

I checked my emails. One hundred and twenty-five “found it” logs and twelve favourite points on geocaches I’ve hidden. That was something of a result.


I set off to work. I had been scheduled for the late shift today, but late last night I’d had a message. Could I do the early shift instead? Yes please!!


I drove up the motorway through drizzle, managing to avoid being driven off of  the road by a succession of very poorly driven lorries. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about how the western armed forces are pulling out of Afghanistan and so  the Taliban are seemingly making a come-back. When I was a lad I had visions of a future with moon bases and high-tech and freedom and affluence for all, and here we are with great swathes of the world reverting to the dark ages.

There was also a lot of talk about how the Queen has awarded the George Cross to the entire NHS supposedly as a thank you for doing their (our) job over the last year or so.

As an ardent Royalist I must admit to being very disappointed with Her Majesty for being a party to a shameless ploy to help a cheapskate government avoid giving the NHS a decent pay rise. And having given the matter quite a bit of thought today, I can’t help but see this as something of an insult to the brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians who earned the George Cross "properly" and I don’t want anything to do with it.


Work was work - I had something of an "iron deficient" day (as one does). Did you know you can get a good idea of someone's iron levels from the size of their red blood cells? No? - Reading this drivel is an education, isn't it!!

But an early start made for an early finish. Dozing in front of an episode of “Space 1999”, a good bit of scoff, watching Adrian Edmonson tourist-ing in Yorkshire..

I get paid more on a late shift, but I’d rather do an early one.

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