28 July 2021 (Wednesday) - Bit Dull

I woke in something of a cold sweat. I’d had a nightmare in which a group of clones of “Bake Off: The Professionals” judge Cherish Finden were running a protection racket at work, and a gang of colleagues were retaliating by breaking the clones’ necks with a vigorous twist. The boss was concerned… not so much at the wanton murder as at the fact that we didn’t have a formal documented process for breaking the necks of extortionists.

I didn’t get back to sleep after that.

I made brekkie and scoffed it as I watched another episode of “Chewing Gum” in which “dirty deeds” were being done with various degrees of enthusiasm. Perhaps I should choose more moral viewing?

Brekkie telly is lonely these days. Whilst (towards the end) Fudge wouldn’t get out of his basket (he used to just lay there). I miss him not being there.


With brekkie scoffed I set off to work. The roads were rather quiet this morning, and as I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about Team GB’s success at the Olympics. For all that I am pleased for the success of the various athletes I can’t pretend to any patriotic pride over it. I must admit I can’t understand the attitude of those that do. People who (only a week ago) had never heard of synchronised diving or taekwondo are now supposedly experts on the matter. I’m sure I must be missing something.


I stopped off at Tesco. I needed some granola bars for lunch, and I got some beers for the weekend whilst I was at it. Tesco also had some of the same garden pots that I got from them last year. I picked up a couple with a vague idea to do something with them… I have no idea what though.


Work was work… we had a new girl start today. “Hello” I said “How are you?” “I’m fine” she replied. “My God is with me.” I used to think like that once; a long time ago. Mind you for all that her God was with her, he/she/it didn’t seem to get in the way at all, which was probably for the best on what was a busy day.


With work done I came home. The drive from Pembury is not that much longer than the drive from Maidstone, but it is hard work. From Maidstone I have a straight run down the motorway. Getting to and from Pembury involves a lot of country lanes and it is tiring. I got home just as “er indoors TM” was taking the dogs out. Usually I look forward to the dog walk… this evening I just wanted the five minutes peace while they all went out.


“er indoors TM” boiled up a rather good dinner. We scoffed it whilst watching “Richard Osman’s House of Games”. Have you ever seen it? If not I can thoroughly recommend it. But like all TV quiz shows over the last fifty years the first round should be “who are the celebrity contestants”. In this evening’s show I recognised half of them, which was a very high success rate.

Today was dull…

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