18 April 2015 (Saturday) - Herne Bay

I felt a little rough when I woke this morning. Can't imagine why. As I checked out the Internet over brekkie I saw that the New Horizons space probe has got the first colour photos of the planet Pluto. Quite impressive; if you are impressed by that sort of thing.

The phone rang. Andy and Kim had changed plans and would be coming with us today. We got ready, picked them up and set off to Herne where we met Mountie, Phoenix and the scouts for a little geo-session.
We didn't cache for long; only an hour. But it was fun. The scouts were real characters; Chloe had a proper scream when she thought a fake snail was a real one. And she wasn't impressed when a rather muddy "Furry Face TM" jumped up at her. The rest of the scouts were wonderful kids; fun and chatty. One was telling me all about his GPS unit; I told him about my phone.
I found half a dozen caches using my new app; it seemed to work reaonably well.

We then drove into Herne Bay where we met up with the rest of the geo-brigade. We had planned to meet up in the local Wetherspoons, but three days ago they cancelled our booking for no reason. if any of my loyal readers are in the Herne Bay area might I ask that you *don't* spend any money in a pub calleed the Saxon Shore; instead go in there and tell they why you are taking your money elsewhere.
But fifty or so of us met up on the beach. The Fruitcakes stood us some chips, Nick organised a barby, my dog ate too many scraps and was sick. Personally I love meeting up with like-minded people. The Followers of one of our friends made great fuss of our dog; I got soaked by a crashing wave. And I think I caught the sun just a little too.

After a couple of hours we wandered off to catch up with Kim and Andy and we set off home. Annoyingly I slept of most (all) of the way home. I hate that...
Once home I did the final part of the geo-farting-about with my new app and it again seemed fine. Mind you the thing had taken a lot of power and data out of the phone today so I spent two minutes setting it to off-line mode for tomorrow. Or that was the intention. Two minutes became two hours due to the inability of geocaching dot com to provide me with a .GPX file. "er indoors TM" and I did *exactly* the same things; she got a file; I did not.
I *think* the thing is rigged for off-line action toomorrow; we shall see... This could be a deal-breaker for CacheSense.

We then went round to Steve and Sarah's for a birthday Chinese. Very tasty. But you know you are getting old when most of the conversation is discussing mutual ailments and medications...

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