4 April 2015 (Saturday) - Thunderbirds (Are Go)

I wasn't a happy bunny yesterday as I drove to work. My mood was not helped when at the checkout in Morrison's whilst getting some supplies for the night shift. I didn't have a lot of stuff to put through the checkout, but just as I was unloading my basket some weaseley-looking chap loudly announced that I wouldn't mind if he jumped the queue. The woman on the checkout also told the world that I wouldn't mind if he jumped the queue, and this bloke then did just that. I could be wrong but I got the distinct impression that he and the checkout girl were known to each other.
I don't think the checkout girl realised that I never said a word to her during the entire episode or when I eventually got to pay for my shopping; she was that disinterested.
I suspect she'll sit up and take notice when the store manager reads the written complaint I've put in about the incident. Waiting in queues is what being British is all about (!)

I got to work and cheered up; I actually quite enjoyed doing the night shift. For once the radio didn't boil my piss. In fact with one exception it was all rather dull. The exception was probably a typical sign of our times. "Book of the Week" was "Landmarks" by Robert MacFarlane which among other things is supposedly a field guide to the literature of nature. In today's except the remarkable claim was that whilst over nine out of ten children can identify a dalek, less than three out of the same ten could identify a magpie.
I suspect that any child who says they could identify a magpie would be just as much a target for bullying as would a child that said they couldn't identify a dalek. Most kids know what is safe to own up to knowing. I certainly do.

With my bit done I came home and after a spot of brekkie I went to bed where I slept like a log. I woke at mid day to find an empty house and that the internet connection had again died. Just as I was on the phone to complain again so it started working again.

Being Saturday we had a Belgian bun with a cup of coffee of lunch. I had hoped to go out Wherigo-ing in the afternoon, but the weather wasn't good. A geo-walk is supposed to be fun; not a chore. And it will still be there next time. I was in two minds about cancelling the outing, but as the afternoon wore on I was glad I had. I was still a tad tired, and the coughing hadn't entirely subsided. With a restored Internet connection I did the geo-homework necessary for upcoming walks (whilst I still could)
We then went to Tesco for a little shopping. It was difficult to get round the place though. Why do so many of the "colourful" families treat a trip to Tesco as a family outing. I lost count of the amount of tribes who had double-figure contingents present. Everyone in the family including Gran, Grandad, mother, current boy/girlfriend, uncles, aunts and varying amounts of children all clustered around the same trolley.

From Tesco we went to Ashford's cheapo-bargain shop and then home to watch the all-new Thunderbirds. A lot of people didn't like the Thunderbirds re-boot. Personally I loved it. I'm not sure about the shapes of Thunderbirds Two and Five, but I liked seeing Thunderbirds One and Three actually doing something. And it was good to see Thunderbird Four being retrieved. I also liked the fact that Lady Penelope now has a pug.

With telly watched we took "Furry Face TM" round the park for the most uneventful dog walk we've ever had. We met no one else and "Furry Face TM" didn't get up to any mischief. More 6pm walks round the park might be a good idea.

And then over a rather good bit of chilli (and red wine) we watched the BBC's dramatisation of Noah's Ark. That was some boat he built...

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