6 April 2015 (Easter Monday) - Leigh

I woke feeling rather rough. This bug is certainly taking its toll. I checked out the Internet over brekkie to see that not a lot had changed overnight

We collected "Gordon Tracy" and set off for deepest Surrey for today's geo-mission. Every week when we go on these walks we invite loads of people, but for all sorts of reasons people are often busy, or have done the walk before. Today was different; a lot of people were free. Fifteen of us (and three dogs) met up in Leigh. We didn't take long to boot and gaiter up, and soon we were off on a geo-stroll. We found the first two caches without incident, but at the third cache we suddenly realised one of our number was missing. Having just been loudly announcing that I liked going caching mob-handed because the crowds act as a magnet to Fudge it was only to be expected that it was my dog that had vanished. I eventually found him down a hole two fields away. He got seriously "crumpled at" for that.

As we walked there was one cache that I could see from ten yards away. However those ten yards were "up"; and we had a very entertaining ten minutes getting everyone on top of a nearby pill box to get to the cache.

Half way round (after conceding defeat and loggng one DNF) we took a little detour for a church micro and some lunch. Again my dog disgraced me. To see him looking at the other picnic-ers you would thnk I hadn't fed him for six months.
Only one GPS unit was left behind (and that not for long), and just as we were coming to the end of the walk I had a close encounter with a deer. He was too quick for me to photograph though.
Our last cache of the walk was Church Micro #3. There's thousands of caches in a nationwide series associated with churches. The one up the road from me is #1967. We ended our walk today at #3.
And having said our goodbyes four of us then went on to the Holy of Holies; Church Micro #1. There's no denying I was expecting something akin to St Peter's Basilica; I wasn't disappointed.

I took over fifty photos today. I've put them on-line. It was a good walk today; and I really liked going mob-handed. I hope we can do that more often...

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