26 April 2015 (Sunday) - Green Street Green

I slept like a log last night and woke a little while before the alarm went off. I really ached; I can't imagine why. I then wasted a few minutes trying to find what I'd done with a coat, then watched Bill Oddie presenting a documentary on velociraptors. Mr Oddie was surprised that pretty much everything that everyone knows about dinosaurs was actually made up in the imagination of the people who made "Jurassic Park".
I thought that was well known.

Being Sunday we did our usual Sunday geo-thing. We collected "Gordon Tracy" and set off; this time for Green Street Green. Green Street Green is a village in North Kent in the general area of Bromley. We arrived, and soon met Mr Moonstone (it's a geo-thing). Before finding our first geocache we failed on two others; not an auspicious start. But the rain eventually stopped and we had a really good walk.

We started off walking the GSG geo-series; mostly straight-forward geo-easy. About half way round we saw there was another little geo-loop. Since we were passing we thought we'd do that loop; it would only add half an hour to our day.
I should have done my homework better; that little geo-loop only had half a dozen caches but there were some really fiendish hides; some tree-climbing, and it took us to a HUGE redwood tree.

With our little geo-diversion done we got back onto the planned route. As we walked through the golf course we joked about how funny it would be if the dogs ran off with a golf ball. Suzy-pup then did just that. The golfers were really nice about it; but then with good reason. I am assured that the rules of golf allow for dogs; if a dog moves the ball it has to be played from where the dog drops it. Suzy-pup had carried the ball thirty yards from the rough onto the green.

As we walked on we had spectacular views of Canary Wharf, Crystal Palace and The Shard; and there's no denying I was starting to ache when we got back to the car after twelve miles of walking.
We'd set out hoping to find as many geocaches as we could; we found forty-three. There were three that eluded us; one for which we couldn't solve the puzzle, and one we could see but couldn't climb the slippery tree up which it had been put.

Once home we had a rather good but of curry for dinner and caught up with stuff recorded onto the SkyPlus box. Whilst my dog snored...

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