11 April 2015 (Saturday) - Newhaven

I didn't sleep well; with "Furry Face TM" off staying with "My Boy TM" the house seemed empty. Luke Warm soon arrived; we collected Gordon Tracy and set off to Newhaven where we'd agreed to meet Dave and Richard. As we arrived so it started to rain. But with utter confidence in the BBC's weather forecasting abilities we went into a nearby garden centrre confident in the knowledge that the rain would have stopped in the time it would take to have a cup of coffee and a bun. We had that cup of coffee and a bun, and went back outside to find the rain had indeed stopped.

We set off up to the South Downs and went for a little wander. The trouble with the South Downs is that the name is only half correct. For every bit of "Down" there is a corresponding bit of "Up"; but it was certainly worth it for the views.
We set off on a little geo-trail based on the constelation Orion; and after a couple of hours we then adjourned to the nearby Hampton Arms. I had a rather good ham ploughman's washed down by a couple of pints of ale. We then went for another little stroll not far from the wonderfully named hamlet of Tarring Neville, and then on to the top of Stanmer Park.

Finally "walked out" we came to Dave & Tracy's. Tracy hadn't come walking with us; instead she had excelled herself in the kitchen. A wonderful cottage pie was followed by one of the best desserts I've ever had.

A day's walking, excellent dinner with wonderful company, three pints of stout and far too much port took its toll. I was soon fast asleep

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