7 April 2021 (Wednesday) - Cheeky FTF

I slept well, which was a result. Equipped with toast I peered into the Internet to see what had happened overnight. Not a lot really. There were quite a few people posting photos from fifty years ago onto one of the Hastings-related Facebook pages I follow, as well as talking about the possibility of some of the big outdoor events re-starting in the town. I seem to be following quite a few Hastings-related Facebook pages these days… More and more I find myself wondering if I did the right thing moving away from there all those years ago. Admittedly lockdown has thrown a spanner in the works, but what with pram races, Jack in the Green, bonfire parades, carnivals, pirate day, Hastings is a place where things happen. Pretty much nothing happens in Ashford apart from two music days where amateur musicians try to make up for quality with volume whilst hired thugs masquerade as security and menace the public.

Do I want to move back to Hastings? Not right now, but when I retire? Possibly.


I had an email from the British Blood Transfusion Society (Some of the letters after my name have been awarded to me by them!). They wanted me to fill in a “diversity and inclusion survey”. Really? I told them I was a Martian and my sexual preference was “go on then”.  I realise that I am probably an old reactionary dinosaur, but how on Earth does my gender, nationality, and preferred thing with which to do the dirty deed in any way affect my contribution to someone else’s blood transfusion?


I took the dogs for a quick walk which passed off utterly uneventful. We could have nipped down to the marsh to chase First to Find on a new series of geocaches, but the weather wasn’t up for stomping round the marsh. It can be windy down there, and for all that it was a bright morning, it was bitterly cold when you got out of the sunshine.


With walk walked we came home (as you do). I emptied the dishwasher, put in laundry, harvested a bumper crop of dog dung from the garden, and looked at writing up some CPD. I made a cuppa for myself and er indoors TM”, and as I clicked the kettle on so Fudge appeared. When we have a cuppa he gets Rich Tea biscuits. He is such a fussy eater it is good to see him eating something. He had his Rich Tea, and as I fiddled about with the blood compatibility simulator so Fudge went to the dog toy box and picked up something on which to chew. He’d not carried it more than a yard before Treacle pounced on him and snatched it away. She can be quite horrible; she doesn’t want any of the dog toys; she just doesn’t want any other dog to play with them.

She got told off, and Fudge got his toy back.


I popped up the road to Key Store to get some lunch. As I'd walked past my car (with the dogs) earlier I'd seen it was covered in ice. The ice had melted, for which I was grateful. I pulled out my phone, called up the geo-app and made a decision. A new geocache had gone live this morning which wasn't *that* far off of my route to Maidstone. It went live shortly after nine o'clock. No one had logged a "First to Find". On the one hand there were a load of new geocaches on the Romney Marsh which had probably attracted the FTF brigade. On the other hand several cachers lived in the vague area of that new cache. Should I go for the FTF? Would I be wasting my time?

As I drove up the A20 there was some utter drivel on the radio about someone of whom I had never heard. This person is spending much of his life hiding from other people of whom I have never heard either. I switched the radio off. If nothing else it meant I could hear the sat-nav slightly better as it directed me along miles of pot-hole-ridden narrow country lanes to where this new geocache was. I got to where the sat-nav said to go, pulled up in a convenient lay-by, and was almost immediately accosted by a passing hiker who seemed desperate for having got someone to talk to (at).

He eventually bumbled off; I rummaged in a thicket, and soon had the new geocache in hand. And I was the first one to find it too. That was something of a bonus. The thing had been live for two and a half hours when I found it. That is an eternity in first-to-find-circles.


I then drove on to Timpsons in Aylesford where the chap behind the counter smiled at me in a rather embarrassed way. He looked at the keys he'd cut for me on Friday and then tweaked yesterday, threw them in the bin, and cut some more.

I came home from work to find that they don’t work either…

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