6 April 2021 (Tuesday) - Before the Late Shift

Despite sleeping well I woke feeling rather grim. I made toast, and scoffed it as I peered into the Internet. Fudge had some of the crusts as he needs feeding up. Pogo stared hungrily.

I saw that a new series of geocaches had gone live sort-of on the way to work (when at Pembury). These might make up half of a weekend walk at some point over the next few weeks. I also saw that another geocache of an ongoing series had gone live as well. Putting out a whole series of geocaches is a nice present for the first-to-find brigade. Deliberately putting a series out one at a time is also  a nice present for the first-to-find brigade but it wastes their petrol as they make pretty much the same journey every day for twenty days.

It’s all a bit silly, and a bit sad really…


I took the dogs out for a walk where my idiot magnet was clearly running at full power. Just as we approached the corner of William Road and Christchurch Road so some woman walked round the corner with her dog. My hounds started barking (as did hers) so I made my wolf pack sit until the other dog had passed. Only it didn’t come past. The idiot woman stood there grinning at us (like an idiot) as he dog barked. As my dogs snarled and grumbled from a sitting position so this woman just stood there. I treated the whole thing as an exercise in self-control (for both my dogs and me), and we waited for her to clear off. After a couple of minutes this woman spoke. “Are they barking at me?” she asked. I told her they weren’t, which seemed to please her, but I rather took the wind out of her sails when I told her the dogs were barking at her dog. I had to actually tell her to go away before she realised what was going on with my dogs and her dog.


We had a little wander round the co-op field, then came home where I spent a few minutes mowing the lawn. Whilst far from perfect, the lawn is looking far better than it has for some time. Perhaps the lawn fertiliser has done some good?

I also saw that three or four of the Koi are looking pregnant. There are spawning brushes in the pond; will we get babies?


With a little time before the late shift I then drove up to Aylesford where I Qrewzee-ed and renovated a destination (it’s a Munzee thing) before going to Timpson’s. On Friday I’d got some spare front door keys cut there. They didn’t unlock the door so I took them back. The nice man trimmed them and fiddled about with them and said if they stil didn’t work I was to take them back to him.

I shall be going back to Timpson’s again tomorrow…

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