3 April 2021 (Saturday) - Bit Dull

Sid was barking at six o’clock so I came downstairs and let him out. Fudge went out too, and started barking once he was outside. Once I’d got him quiet I went back to bed, and came downstairs two hours later to find Sid had crapped.


I had my morning’s rummage round Facebook. It was much the same as ever. There was the potential for a squabble kicking off on one of the groups I follow based around Hastings. Should people feed squirrels? One chap was banging on about how grey squirrels are a non-native invasive species and were vermin. Others were also getting rather excited on the matter, as people do. How do people get so worked up over trivia which (in all likelihood)  they have never even considered until two minutes before getting so worked up about it?


Dog breakfast was hard work today. Fudge refused three decent brekkies before finally settling for two Rich Tea biscuits.


We settled the dogs and drove down to Hastings to see Dad. Was this allowed in the new-look lockdown rules? There are those who told me it was, those who told me it wasn’t, and those who told me it was a grey area. I’ve seen Dad quite a bit over the most recent lockdown what with mum’s illness, and what with mum’s recent passing I wanted to be sure he was OK.

He was (mostly).

He’s got new neighbours who’ve told him that their house used to be a stable belonging to a local stagecoach company which was used before Hastings had “proper” buses. I found one reference to this on-line – I had no idea, and I lived next door to that ex-stable for six years.


We came home; I would have liked to have spent time in our garden today, but it was rather cold. I gathered turds, had a quick look about, and came back inside. The cordyline I potted last weekend is looking decidedly iffy; the leaves are snapping off. I had a look for advice on the Internet, and there were as many opinions as there were people to give them. I shall water it (with a bit of Baby Bio) from time to time and hope for the best.

Once Geocaching dot com started working (it had crashed – again) I programmed “Hannah” for tomorrow. I thought about updating the firmware, but some time ago there was talk of Garmin’s firmware updater having been hacked and there were issues about we shouldn’t update the firmware on our GPS units for fear of the Russians and the Chinese getting access all our data (or something). I wonder if this is still the case? Is updating the Garmin firmware still a no-no? I shall let someone else find out for me.


I then wasted far too long on a geo-puzzle. “E” is the Red Sea, and if any of my loyal readers have a set of outline maps of the world, please feel free to share. 

I wonder what’s for dinner…

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