5 April 2021 (Monday) - It Snowed

Yesterday’s walk had taken its toll. We all slept well last night… except for Sid who had a barking fit shortly after one o’clock. Having eventually settled him I then slept through until after eight.

I made toast and coffee – the coffee being in my new mug which was a pressie from Wayne and Lyn. A Wherei-Mug. I took a photo of it and posted it to the Geocaching in Kent Facebook page, sent out a birthday wish, then had a little look-see to find out what I’d missed overnight.

The squabble about who gets to be First to Find on new geocaches was still going on. I say “squabble”; those who go out hoping to be first and being continually thwarted had got the hump. Those who are constantly getting to be first are seemingly quite content to be first. It is an argument that has been going on for years, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Much like all arguments, really.

There was also a post on one of the local Facebook groups about a stolen dog. The dog had been stolen three days ago, the police have been told the registration number of the car that had stolen the dog…  and clearly had done nothing. In order to get the dog back, the owners were posting to Facebook even though the police were (supposedly) involved. I wish I knew why we have a police force.


Last night I’d made a start on a new Wherigo project. It only took a couple of hours to blag the pictures I needed. I spent an hour carrying on with it this morning; getting the pictures into a format that the Wherigo-creating software would recognise. Creating the play zones, a guiding character and the final information took another hour. It kept me occupied whilst er indoors TM” and the dogs all snored.


Once er indoors TM” and the dogs got up, mayhem ensued. I went out into the garden to hide, and got two fence panels painted before the sleet stopped me. I came in and did more Wherigo work. After a couple of hours the thing was ready for field trials so I emailed it to those who (hopefully) were in the right field, and seeing that the snow and hail had stopped (!), I got back on with painting the fence.

After four hours concerted effort I’ve now got all of the fence between our garden and not-so-nice-next-door painted. It was cold though. Bitterly cold. I came in to get warm, and couldn’t help but wonder why a black dog (Treacle) had a white nose. Dust? Talcum powder?


I wrote up a little CPD, then er indoors TM” sorted out some dinner which we scoffed whilst watching an episode of “Richard Osman’s House of Games”; a good show, but I spend a lot of time wondering just who the so-called celebrities on the show actually are. But then, this has always been the way with TV quiz shows, hasn’t it? People on TV quizzes are famous for being the sort of people who are on a TV quiz show.

I could be on TV quiz shows…

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