9 January 2012 (Monday) - Stuff

This morning's news gave me food for thought. Or drink for thought, to be more precise. The latest recommendations (from those who recommend such things) is that we should all have at least two days a week when we don't have any alcoholic drinks. Well, I probably only have two days a week when I have a drink. (My problem is that I don't have "a" drink - I have too much in one go!)
The radio program interviewed a broadcaster who'd given up all alcoholic drinks for a month: the chap interviewed said that he hadn't really missed the booze. The radio program then interviewed a professor-type who claimed that not missing the booze was the reaction of most people. And, having been relatively off of the booze for the last few months as part of the ongoing diet, I'm coming to that point of view myself. In years gone by I would be looking forward to the upcoming beer festival at Dover. But (quite frankly) I'm finding myself questioning the sanity of spending the best part of one hundred pounds just to make myself feel ill for two days.
Don't get me wrong - I can't see myself going teetotal; but cutting back can't be a bad thing, and is probably going to be the way forward for this year.

Last Saturday I mentioned that I'd broken a tooth. I phoned the dentist today to see about getting a fix. They said they could fit me in at 2pm. So I sucked up to the boss, and got the afternoon off work. One economy I really don't want to make is my dental insurance. I shell out a monthly premium, and all my dentistry is done for free.
As I got into the dentist's chair, the dentist commented on how much weight I'd lost. He then rooted in my gob. Apparently in the fullness of time the broken tooth will need capping, but for now he's effected a fix to be getting on with. I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't cap the thing right away. But then I remembered another tooth that has a temporary fix on it: that temporary fix has been in place for five years.

Having booked the afternoon off work for the dentist, I found myself back home by 2.30pm. So I spent an hour or so putting in applications for jobs. I applied for a dozen or so jobs. the applications might do some good: they might not. If nothing else it will remind the agencies that I'm still keen.
And having prepared tea (to save "er indoors TM" a job) I climbed into my snuggie and slept in front of the telly.
I spent quite a lot of time trying to get my snuggie organised - it seemed to be very open at the front, and the pockets were in rather daft places. I've eventually found that wearing it back to front (that is with the opening at the back) puts the pockets in the right place and has me covered up at the front. All I need to do now is to figure out how to get it to go down to cover my feet. Mind you, when I stand up whilst wearing the thing I seem to trip over it. So extending it over my feet might not be a good idea.
Mind you, it's still early days as far as the snuggie is concerned...

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