31 January 2012 (Tuesday) - Stuff

I went for a tiddle at 5am this morning and looked out of the window on my way. I always do whenever I get out of my pit – I don’t know what I expect to see in the universe outside my window but I always have a look-see. Overnight we’d had snow. Not much. A mere sprinkling, but snow nonetheless. Bearing in mind that my American readers will fall about laughing at what we call snow, I lay worrying about getting to Canterbury and back again with one millimetre of snow on the ground. England stops when the word “snow” is even mentioned.
Being on a late start meant I had the chance to stay in pit longer that I might usually do, and I took that chance. I actually dozed through till when "er indoors TM" left at 8.30am. I got up, abluted, brekkied and toyed with the idea of downloading some more ebooks, but decided against it. After all between Sunday night and yesterday evening I’ve got myself 113 books that I’ve wanted for some time. I’ve found a site that requires no log-in, no registering, just type in the book you want and down it comes to your PC. I’ve been busy (!)
I suppose it could be seen as taking money out of the pockets of authors. Or could it? The books I’m seeking are all over ten years old: many much older than that. And of these 113 books I’ve got, over 100 of them are books I already have in paper format. I’ve paid for them once already. I’m taking the line that what I have downloaded is a backup (of sorts). I’m sure that there are those who would disagree with my reasoning on this…
So instead of downloading I spent a happy half hour playing “Words with Friends” – Facebook’s version of Scrabble. I started playing this game a couple of weeks ago, and have got quite hooked on it. I’ve been pretty much non-stop scrabbling these last few days, and currently have ten different games on the go. It has the advantage over conventional scrabble that you play when you have chance. So if you and your opponent are both otherwise free, a game can be played out in half an hour. If you have other things to be doing in the meantime, a game can be strung out over a week.

I then had a look on myfitesspal.com. Since I started logging my food and exercise I’ve been joined by a dozen or so on-line myfitnesspal.com friends. Of that dozen, a quarter of them would seem to have given up. Which is a shame. And of the rest, not many have set their account so I can see what they have been eating. Which is a shame because, being nosy I’d like to see what they’ve been scoffing. And (more importantly) because they might be scoffing something that I’d like to scoff too.

I scraped the remnants of snow off of my car and set off to work; did my bit and came home again. Home via Chris's house, where we had the traditional Tuesday gathering. We watched the last episode of the first season of "Being Human" - an excellent show. And then i picked up some brewing bits and bobs that Chris was otherwise going to bin. I might just be producing a bottle conditioned beer over the next few weeks...

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