11 January 2012 (Wednesday) - Getting Ready

We had a relatively late night last night, but being on a late start meant I could have a bit of a lie-in this morning. And I did. I staggered out of my pit just as "er indoors TM" was going to work, and I had a rather leisurely toast and jam whilst I browsed the Internet. It’s amazing what happens there.

I saw that I have another follower on Twitter: the Health Channel is following my tweets. That’s nice of them. Someone else who is also following my tweets is miloochocinco64, who invited me to do unspeakable things to her chest area. I wonder how and why these people find me on Twitter – bearing in mind I’ve not twitted since last October.
I had an email about some kite festivals for the summer – in Lingfield, Shoreham and deepest Sussex. I might be more inclined to go to some of them if only they weren’t so far away.
And I got turned down for some of the jobs I applied for on Monday. But am I downhearted?
I had a go on Facebook: it’s amazing how much time I waste there. I realise that some of my loyal readers aren’t impressed with that website, but I find it invaluable for keeping up with what others are getting up to, for looking at photos, for showing off photos, for organising events and get - togethers. And for playing games – a shame that its version of scrabble (words with friends) is playing up at the moment.

To work, where I did my bit, and managed to get out a few minutes early: tonight we had an astro club committee meeting. The BBC2 TV program Stargazing Live 2012 is back on TV on the 16th, 17th and 18th of this month (next week!) and we are holding a "Stargazing Live" event a week on Saturday. Following on from last year's frankly amazing event, this time we will have a huge selection of telescopes set up outside for some public viewing (weather permitting). Inside the main hall, we will be having a selection of highly entertaining astronomical talks and planetarium shows on our main screen, including me wittering on about matters astronomical. There will be a telescope workshop with our resident experts and retail partners. Refreshments will be available, there is ample parking and all are welcome.
And as well as whatever the BBC throw at us for staging the event, the Federation of Astronomical Societies have given us a hundred quid for getting off of our backsides and doing something.

See you there?

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