19 January 2012 (Thursday) - Camping

A late start, so (apropos of nothing) I mucked out the fish tank. It needed doing. And then over brekkie I went through the accumulated post. Other than a bill for the next year’s hall bookings for the astro club there was very little of note. Which was probably for the best. And then I mucked out the fish tank again. Where does all the gunge come from?

In the past I've whinged about the demise of the kite festival at Teston. But I've not just whinged. I've sulked, hinted, smiled sweetly, and threatened to cry. And so, completely unconnected with any of my sulking, "er indoors TM" and The Bat have secured the use of a field in which we can stage "Not Teston Kite Festival". The field is not a million miles from Ashford, and "Not Teston Kite Festival" has been provisionally planned for the second weekend in June.
I'm not sure that the entrance to the field is wide enough to get a caravan into it, and the fishing isn't what it might be. Having said that, I'm sure that those with caravans could secure the use of a tent for the weekend; and there is fishing within five minutes of the field. Other facilities include a tap, a turdis and a poo pit, a pub two miles down the road, and a supermarket some five miles away.
It's not a replacement for the kite festival - it's not even going to be a kite festival; and it certainly isn't going to be open to the general public. It will be just a weekend in a field with like minded friends. But if any of my loyal readers would like to join us at "Not Teston Kite Festival", please drop me a line.

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