23 January 2012 (Monday) - A Seascape

I've taken to watching an episode of "The Joy of Painting" most mornings. Yesterday I commented that I had the urge to paint, but felt rather uninspired. This morning Bob Ross was painting a seascape. That inspired me. It was a shame that I couldn't start painting there and then because I had to go to work, but until such time as Badger Original Landscapes starts raking in hundreds of pounds on a weekly basis I shall have to continue to prostitute myself elsewhere.

I then did exactly that for the day, and came back home again. I checked the pond - bearing in mind the attrition rate I'd had with the Koi over the weekend I was expecting the worst. But fortunately there were none floating today. I shall now worry about what might happen in the pond overnight.
Fortunately there is only so much attachment one can have for a fish. I'd ask my loyal readers to spare a thought for Steve and Sarah tonight - their cat is not well. It would seem he's come off the worst in a squabble with a car, and is currently in cat hospital.

Tonight's painting project needed me to prepare the canvas - the piccie above is "before and after". I got the "before" bit done, and left it to dry. And then the doorbell rang. The Bat had come for tea this evening. He don't like having a fuss made for his birthday, but we had to do something in honour of the event. And as the bowlers went bowling I was able to get my paints out. I'd spent most of the day thinking about the morning's TV show, and I knew exactly what I wanted to paint. What I wanted to paint wasn't exactly what I ended up with, but I'm rather pleased with the finished result. The clouds aren't quite what I was hoping for, and the main wave certainly hasn't come out as good as Bob Ross would have done. But it'll do.
Ideally someone will now give me cash for the painting. Not so much to finance my life, more along the lines of clearing some space so I can paint another scene. And getting a little bit of bung for the painting will help to pay for the next painting. With canvases not cheap, and Bob Ross oil paints costing the best part of twenty quid per tube, I need to cover the cost of painting somehow....

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