1 January 2012 (Sunday) - Films

Following getting home rather late last night, my phone seemed to be having a catch-up session. I was receiving text messages wishing me a happy new year well into the small hours.

We got to kip shortly after 3am, so I had a bit of a lie-in this morning; finally getting out of my pit at mid day. A bit of brekkie over Facebook, and "My Boy TM" and his entourage came to visit. They too hadn’t been out of their pits very long on account of "My Boy TM" having got "gazeboed" last night. It was rumoured that he'd got though a double-figured amount of pints of lager last night. I must admit that I'm seriously considering giving up the beer altogether: spending large amounts of cash just to make myself feel ill is becoming a seriously unattractive proposition these days. Perhaps I'm getting old?
Before they left, we spent a few moments looking at photos from yesterday's wedding before they set off on their way, and I then spent a few moments mucking about making video calls over Facebook to Folkestone; for no other reason than because I could.

And then the rain started. It would have been good to have done something today, but the rain put me off going out. On Friday I;d checked the weather forecast: back then the weekend was supposed to be dry: it rained yesterday whilst we were at the wedding. It rained this afternoon when we could have gone out and done something. The forecast for tomorrow is still dry though. Let's hope so.
So whilst waiting for dry weather we spent the afternoon slobbing in front of the telly watching episodes of "Come Dine With Me"; finally getting dressed sometime in the mid-afternoon. There was a minor bit of excitement as "er indoors TM" destroyed the kitchen window blind, but it was excitement that soon passed. Which was probably for the best.

Not having had a film night with friends for a few weeks, this evening we went round to Chris's to watch some films. And much as I enjoyed meeting up with friends, I must admit that I was disappointed by the films. "Super-8" was difficult to describe because it wasn't a film: it was two halves of different films. Having started making a film about a gang of kids making a zombie film, it was clear that the film wasn't working so half way through the whole "kids-zombie-film" idea was dropped, and the film then became one about an alien invasion. And (in all honesty) that didn't work either.
The second film, "Cowboys and Aliens" was, as the title suggested, about cowboys and aliens. It was watch-able enough I suppose: certainly better than "Super-8". But both films lacked plausible aliens. After all, if alien creatures are going to have sufficient intelligence to develop technology to travel interstellar distances (something which is decades, if not centuries beyond our technology), then said alien creatures will not act like wild animals.
But for all that the films were naff, it's always good to spend an evening with friends. I've missed our film nights. I do hope that we start doing them more often....

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