8 January 2012 (Sunday) - Bored

We got home from the film night at about 12.30am last night. By the time we'd showered, written yesterday's history and watched a little telly we didn’t get to bed till nearly 3am. I quite like the late nights. But consequently I didn't wake till gone 11am. By the time I'd shaved and had brekky, I was resenting having wasted half the day.

The weekly weigh - in. For all that I lost another pound over the last week, over the last month I've put an inch on around my hips. I wonder what that's all about? And then whilst checking emails we found ourselves wrapped up watching "Willy Wonka" which was on the telly. That wasted more of my time.

Eventually we got to go out. Only food shopping, but it was still "out". First of all to Lidl for the makings of tea, and then on to Farm Foods for the makings of tea for the rest of the week. Whilst we were out we popped round to see Chris I was rather concerned that yesterday we'd left his pinball table in rather a state. It was mostly reassembled, but still not wired up. Whilst there was probably very little that I could have done, I wanted to be sure that the thing was up and running. It was. Mostly. One of the flippers is a bit sticky, and one of the effects isn't working, and there was (apparently) a burning smell at one point. But it was working well enough for me to have a go. I felt happier that we hadn't left him completely high and dry yesterday, and then we came home.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in front of the telly, wrapped in my snuggie, sleeping through episodes of "Star Trek: Voyager" whilst "er indoors TM" sorted out tea. It has to be said that she boils up a decent bit of scran. And when she went bowling, I had a minor disaster.
Having planned to host a game of poker this coming Friday, I couldn't find my poker chips. Eventually they came to light, but it wasted half an hour I could have spent more productively. And then I carried on sleeping in front of more episodes of "Star Trek: Voyager"....

Yesterday was really good. Today was rather dull...

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