16 January 2012 (Monday) - Stargazing Live

I could have gone to bed slightly earlier than I did last night, but Monty Python and the Holy Grail was on the Sky Arts channel (!). I have seen that film so many times - it was actually the second film we watched on the VHS recorder/player we hired back in 1985. I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen it, but once more couldn't hurt.

And so.... the weekend's gone again. For all that Saturday's films were a tad iffy and that yesterday was rather quiet, the weekend that's just gone wasn't a bad one really.
I liked getting my paints out yesterday: I must do it again. I really would like to find some bigger canvases: if any of my loyal readers know where I can pick up a canvas which is 18 x 24 inches (and cheap!), please let me know. And, whilst I'm asking, if any of my loyal readers know of a supplier of Bob Ross art supplies please let me know as well. My local art shop has stopped supplying the stuff. I *can* order the stuff on-line, but that would necessitate a trip to the post office to pick up the delivery. And getting to Ashford's collection office is a pain in the bum these days.
And if any of my loyal readers would like a "Badger Original" please let me know. And if anyone would like to pass on the word about "Badger Original Landscapes", please feel free. The trouble with painting is that you end up with paintings. Obvious, I know, but I need to shift the existing paintings to clear space for any new ones.

Today was painful - whilst swimming on Saturday I managed to fall over and land on my bum. My chuff still hurts. Also whilst swimming I managed to do something to my left knee which is still sore.
I also have done something to my gob: I think I yawned too hard on Saturday evening, and I've strained something. The bit where the jaw meets the rest of my head feels swollen and my gob doesn't close properly. I expect it will all get better eventually.

This evening saw the launch of the BBC's "Stargazing Live": for all that our astro club ran a very successful event in conjunction with the program last year I didn't watch it at the time. Perhaps I should have. So this year I did. Or that is I watched tonight's program. Or that is I tried to watch tonight's program. After twenty minutes I was rather conscious that for all of the spectacular pictures and amazed noises from the presenters, nothing had actually happened. The interview with Gene Cernan was interesting enough I suppose. But from my perspective, the show was streets behind any meeting of the astro club.
However, it would be, wouldn't it? It was all rather "wow!! space !!! science!!!" The program was clearly made for the general/mass interest. Will I watch the rest of the week's programs? Having fallen asleep after three quarters of an hour, probably not...

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