13 January 2012 (Friday) - A Game of Cards

Having had a spate of mild weather, it was cold this morning. In the past I've not really been overly fussed by the dark winter mornings, but this year it seems to be getting to me. So much so that I think I am noticing the small amount by which it gets lighter every morning.

And so to work. A colleague (long since retired) used to take every Friday 13th as holiday just in case the date lived up to its reputation. And today it did for me. All that possibly could go wrong did go wrong. I actually achieved nothing today.

Home again: we had visitors. Terry and Irene were in the area and called in. A shame they live so far away - we don't meet up anywhere near as often as I'd like. And all too soon they had to set off. A shame they couldn't have stayed: with "er indoors TM" flogging candles I had the house, and so had decided to stage a game of cards. Eight of us sat down for an hour or so of Texas Hold 'em. Full houses, four of a kind - a really good game. And after a fag break (for those who like fag breaks) we had another hour or so of Omaha Hold 'em in which I amazed the assembled throng by achieving a straight flush.
All too soon it was time to pack up: and as we packed up, through the wonders of mobile technology we heard mention of rumours of an explosion in Folkestone. Bearing in mind half of our card school was heading back to Folkestone, we couldn't help but wonder what had exploded.

I've been playing poker (on and off) for at least six years, and tonight was the first time that I've actually hosted a game. I really like having a houseful, and a game of cards is a good excuse for having a houseful. I really must organise another game before too much longer...


  1. me and the mrs were at home in queen street and we heard a massive explosion but went outside and couldnt see any thing or hear any sirens so dont exactly know what it was but too loud to be a firework exploding

  2. apparently it was a really big firework

  3. It was a brilliant steal with that straight flush. I though my nuts Full house was home dry. Excellent evening.

  4. Would love love to come down to your next poker session, I don't play enough!